With all the papers, books, games, toys, and electronics that float around our houses, its a wonder that we can ever find anything. We loosely group things together and store them in piles which quickly turns into chaotic clutter.

DSC00515      The Cube… a classic shape that can be adapted to fit any style and space. Its straight clean lines can provide a sharp modern accent to a room or perhaps soften the space with rounded edges and a light color stain.

Organization and efficiency are high priorities in this age of technology but no app can keep your house in order; all it takes is a simple wooden cube or a collection of them. Cubes can be utilized in any part of the house to store just about anything.  A single cube can organize your Xbox games while a pyramid of cubes can store an entire library of books. Need a maintainable way to organize clothes? With cubes you can sort clothing into style, color, season, or any desirable category.

Get creative:

  • Build a wall of cubes for maximum storage space:
    • stackable
    • mountable
  • Place a single cube.
  • Use cubes as drawers for cubbies.
  • Use inserts to transform a cube into a wine rack.
  • Great in:
      • craft rooms
      • mud rooms
      • kids rooms

    Transform your space into an architectural masterpiece (and be able to find your stuff)!