Consider the following proposition:

  • Proposition: If it is raining or snowing then people will come to pick up unfinished furniture.

Though this is a bit tongue in cheek, we have found that people tend to come and pick up finished furniture in bad weather. Unfinished furniture is unfinished! This means that if it gets wet, then there will probably be some kind of discoloration or mark that will show up once the piece is stained. So if it is raining outside when you come to pick up your furniture, it will probably get wet and as a result won’t finish as nicely. So for the sake of your furniture and investment, don’t come to pick up furniture in bad weather!

Another unfortunate trend is that people don’t tend to bring any blankets, cardboard, or even string when they come to pick up their furniture. If the furniture is finished, then it needs to be wrapped in a blanket when it is being moved. We use a high quality finish, but wooden furniture is not metal and will still scratch and dent if it is not protected. The furniture you buy is your investment, if you don’t treat it with care while moving it, it will look like you moved it in a cheese grater instead of a moving van. Also if you don’t tie it down then it could fall over (dents) or grate against the sides of the vehicle or other furniture you are moving (scratches). Simply bringing some tie down straps or string will will prevent this. But don’t forget the blankets or cardboard because string or straps can scratch finishes too!

So take a little time (and perhaps expense) and bring some string, blankets or cardboard when you come to pick up your furniture. Damage that you cause while moving it is not the responsibility of the manufacture or retailer but is yours alone! It will cost much more to repair a damaged piece than to move it safely. So please for the sake of your investment and sanity, think before you pick it up.